This is FUNNY!!!!

March 8, 2007


Welcome Teachers!!

By the end of this session you will – Have learnt a little about the history of blogging

  • Have seen how student blogs, class blogs and blog aggregators work so well together
  • Have had the opportunity to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using blogs
  • Have looked at the ‘preferred’ content of blog posts
  • Have used some materials that i have used and explore the discourse and genre of blog comments / posting
  • Have received instruction on how to set up a blog

All the material will be given to you to (adapt if you want and) use with your students.  So you don’t need to write anything from the IWB or screen.

This is my blog.  Explore a little… You can leave me a comment if you like!!

Celebration Time!

February 27, 2007

I’ve just found out that I passed my DELTA.  This means I am a certified better than before teacher, according to the University of Cambridge.  The award is worth some credits on teaching Masters courses and I may continue my studies in the coming years.  For now – well done me!

For more info on the course click here –

I’d like to thank (Oscars style) my students, my girlfriend, my family, the power of good chocolate, blogs and (of course, this is Hollywood) God!

 To celebrate I’d like to offer you this link to another blog, one of my favourites – this one devoted to underground music – lots of free Mp3s to download:

Before I arrived in Thailand everyone who had been, told me – Bangkok is one of the hottest places on planet earth…this I hope is true for I suffer quite badly in the heat and if I go to somewhere else hot…anyway.  However I only remember one day last year when I wore a jacket out at night cause it was a bit nippy and the last few weeks have been incredibly cool.  It’s been amazing for at least two weeks it’s been cool – cold, no need for air conditioning… I’ve really enjoyed it, though everyone around me seems to have got ill.

Is this cause by global climate change? 

I’ve heard reports of drought in North West China, terrible flooding in Indonesia is it all related?  For my money – yes of course it is.  What can be done about it?  There’s another question altogether….

Post-Christmas Blues

January 21, 2007

Well back after a well earned rest.  Finished my course, finally so all is well and good.  It’s nice to be back in the classroom with the opportunity to put some of what I’ve learnt into practice. 

For hols I went to Kho Lanta and Kho Pipi with my girlfriend, my friend -Luke my sister andher friend, who are travelling the world together.  As infamous as the famous five we nearly were…We had lots of fun including eating mice pies and pulling crackers on the beach.  We also had party hats and balloons, which  made it quite christmassy despite the sunshine and majority Muslim local population. 

For me Pipi and Lanta were both too touristy.  I enjoyed being there but would have gone somewhere else should I have been alone or just with Lucia.   On Boxing Day there was a very sombre tsunami memorial ceremony, which we attended, lots of affected people said prayers and lit candles and lanterns.  It was very poignant.   

It was sad to say goodbye to friends and family.  I’ll most likely see my sister and my friend next Christmas which is a long way off.  I’ve already promised my Mum I’ll be home for turkey and trimmings next year. 

I don’t smoke anymore and I haven’t had milk in my tea or coffee yet, so  my new years resolutions are still holding strong…I’m 29 next on the 27th…getting on a bit now I know…

when I was 14 I thought I would have retired by now….

kao Lanta Easy- Riders

First Message

November 12, 2006

Hello world,

welcome to my new blog.  I am the teacher of many Thai students – a variety of ages and levels.  I hope my blog will be interesting…

Hello world!

November 12, 2006

Test Test